Renewing Your License Plate

General Information

In order to renew the decal for your license plate for any car, motorcycle, or truck weighing less than 12,000 pounds, you will need to provide the following:

  • Renewal notice from the Kansas Department of Revenue
  • Proof of insurance
  • Form of payment

Your Renewal Notice

The Kansas Department of Revenue mails out all renewal notices, approximately 45 days before your current license plate expires.  When you receive this courtesy notice, please verify the license plate and vehicle information for accuracy.  Mark out any vehicle(s) you will not be renewing.

Your license plates will renew during the same month each year, as opposed to renewing in the month the vehicle was purchased.   The month in which you renew is dependent upon the first letter of your last name or the company's name in which it was titled.  This month will be identified by the colored decal on your license plate.

If you have misplaced your renewal notice or did not receive it, one can be reprinted by visiting the Kansas Department of Revenue's Renewal Reprint page.  You can also provide our office with your proof of insurance and plate number at renewal time.

Proof of Insurance

You must provide proof of insurance, including the name of your insurance company, your policy number, and the policy's expiration date.  The insurance company must be a Kansas-approved company.


Payment is due in full at the time that your title work or renewal is completed. We accept payment in the forms of cash, personal checks, electronic checks, and credit cards.  Please keep in mind that convenience fees apply to all credit card & debit card transactions. 

Options for Renewing your License Plates

When renewing your license plates, you have several options to fit your schedule.  Please be sure to provide the required documents, as listed above when choosing to:

  1. Renew online by visiting iKan, your renewal notice with required PIN number, and electronic payment form.  Convenience fees apply.
  2. Renew by mail.  Our address is Wallace County Treasurer, PO Box 40, Sharon Springs, KS 67758.
  3. Please in drop box, just west of south courthouse entrance at 313 N Main Street. 

  1. Wallace-0106R 8x10

    Christine Smith


  2. County Treasurer

    Physical Address
    313 N Main Street
    Sharon Springs, KS 67758

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 40
    Sharon Springs, KS 67758

    Fax: 785-852-4310