Mount Sunflower

Picnic at Mount SunflowerEnvironment

Mt. Sunflower is surrounded by a typical western Kansas pasture. During the summer months, the yucca plant blooms with all its glory, and many types of Kansas wildflowers dot the native buffalo grass. The smell of sagebrush assures you that you are indeed in Kansas.


Wildlife is abundant on the mountainside. Antelope, deer, prairie dogs, coyotes, jackrabbits, and foxes make this spot their home. Many types of birds spend the summer months raising their young on the prairie. Hawks, owls pheasants, swallows, and larks are common.

Highest Point in Kansas

Mt. Sunflower was designated as Kansas's highest point in 1961. A United States Geological Survey officially plotted the elevation at 4039 feet.

True mountains are called such because of a 2000 foot difference in altitude in a 10-20 mile radius. Since this does not apply to the contour of the land surrounding Mt. Sunflower, it is not considered a true mountain.

Mt. Sunflower is on privately owned land one of the few privately owned high points in the country. It has been in the Harold family since 1940.