Driver's Licenses for Teens

Licenses for Teen

Services Offered

Our office can process teen drivers licenses IF the teen has completed an approved Drivers Education course.  In Wallace County, these are usually offered by a school district.  At this time ONLINE drivers education courses are not approved and require the individual to still go to a full service office and test to receive their permit.

Documents Required

License/permit applicants are required to provide documents when applying for their Kansas credential.  These include:

  • State issued, certified birth certificate OR current US Passport
  • Social security card 
  • 2 proofs of physical address
  • Any applicable name change document, if applicable (adoption decree, marriage license, divorce decree)
  • Parental consent
  • Farm Permit affidavit, signed by either the farmer parent or farmer employer (only if applying for a farm permit) 
  • Signed Certificate of Completion from drivers education instructor.

Additional Information

For additional information or FAQ, please visit the Kansas Department of Revenue's website.

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