Storefront & Signage Incentive

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Storefront/Signage Incentive Program - Application Link


The Wallace County Community Development Storefront/Signage Incentive Program is meant to create and enhance promotion of businesses and physical design of businesses in Wallace County.

Applications may be made up to $2,500. The applying entity must match funding requested on a $1- for-$1 basis. Award funds will be reimbursements, meaning award funds will not be provided until after the awarded project is completed and receipts are turned in with a final report.


Businesses and/or building owners. 

  • If funds will be used to update a physical building, the building must be located in Wallace County. 

  • If a business owner is requesting funds to update a rented space, the tenant and building owner must work together in applying. Please also complete the Tenant Authorization Form.

  • If a building has no current business in the facility, a business plan will need to be shown for the facility once renovated.