Sharon Springs Golf Course

Sharon Springs Golf Course

Sharon Springs Golf Course is privately owned 9-Hole course, but is ran by an official golf course board made up of 7 individuals that live in county. All mowing, maintenance, repairs, tournament set-up, etc... is done by volunteers. 

It hosts multiple golf tournaments throughout the summer along with having established Men's and Women's Golf Leagues. 

Wallace County Community Organizations utilize Sharon Springs Golf Course for fundraisers as well.

- To become a member of the course, $225 annual dues are payable every April 1st. 
- If you would like to store a golf cart in one of the available cart sheds, there is an annual $150 cart shed fee. 
- If you're not a member and live outside of the county, we require $10 daily greens fees. 
*If you're not a member, but live in Wallace County, and play on the course more than two (2) times in a year, it is required for you to become a club member and pay membership dues.  

We also welcome members of the public, who do not golf, to come out and walk the course or run the hills for exercise/conditioning! It's a beautiful area and love seeing the course utilized! 

Current 2023 Sharon Springs Golf Inc. Board Members are:
President: Gerald Rains
Vice President: Kyle Gfeller
Secretary: Mike Hennick
Treasurer: Steve Paul
Member: Verlan Wagoner
Member: Shelly Collins
Member: Levi Tropf

Public Relations: Maggie Figurilli

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Golf Course Front Sign
Golf course from hole 9