Property Taxes

Tax Information

Property taxes are assessed on the following types of property in Kansas:

  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Intangible Tax
  • Payment Options
  • Payments Under Protest
  • Delinquent Tax
  • Tax Sale Information

Information regarding these taxes in Wallace County is not available online.  All inquiries for tax amounts, payment status, and delinquencies can be sent to  

Property Tax Statements

Property tax statements are mailed in November each year.  If statements have not been received by December 1, customers are encouraged to contact our office for a copy. These can either be mailed or emailed.  

Payment deadlines are:

1st Half - December 20th

2nd Half - May 10th

Payment Options

We allow for a variety of payment options.  Customer have the option of paying in person, mailing payments, utilizing our drop box, or paying online.

Paying in person or utilizing the drop box may be done at 313 N Main, Sharon Springs, KS 67758.

Payments by mail should be sent to:

(For USPS mail)     PO BOX 40  Sharon Springs, KS 67758

(UPS/FedEx mail)  313 N Main  Sharon Springs, KS 67758

Online Payments can be made by going to  Your property tax statement(s) and form of payment are required.  Convenience fees also apply. Credit cards assess a 2.5% convenience fee, while ACH/e-checks asses a $2.00 per parcel fee.  We encourage customers to research which option is best for their payment situation.

Delinquent Tax Publications

2022 Delinquent Real Estate Tax Publication

  1. Wallace-0106R 8x10

    Christine Smith


  2. County Treasurer

    Physical Address
    313 N Main Street
    Sharon Springs, KS 67758

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 40
    Sharon Springs, KS 67758

    Fax: 785-852-4310

    Business Hours

    Monday through Friday
    8:00 - 4:00 PM